When gambling online, it is critical to be aware of the several pay methods available. This is important because this way you can choose which payment method is best for your needs, best online casinos like www.bonusseeker.com accept only a certain type of method for payment, some payment methods are limited to only residents in certain countries, and some casinos offer different bonuses depending on the payment choices you make. So you see, the method you choose can affect your gambling experience in many different ways.

These are the 4 payment methods:

  1. Direct Transfer: is when you transfer funds directly from your bank account to the website. This method does not let you see your bank details, but it does allow you to make transactions as you please. This method also allows you to pay without providing the casino a lot of personal information, like might be necessary in other payment methods. But the payment transfer time may not be immediate and depends on your bank and there response time. But this method is completely secure. A good example of this system is the E-check.
  2. Electronic wallet ("e-wallet") is a service which allows online fund transaction. You transfer with such a service (such as Neteller), and they you can deposit money into this online account, which is designed especially for gambling purposes, via credit card, debit card, or an online banking transfer from your bank. Once you deposit some money into the "e-wallet", you can withdraw or transfer these funds to any merchant website that connects to the same service. This system is faster than the direct deposit one, but you may need to supply more personal details to the e-wallet service. Some casinos are also PayPal Casinos.
  3. Manual Direct Transfers: This is similar to direct deposit method, but in this one, you transfer to the Casino manually or through your regular banking account. Once the bank confirms your deposit, the money is automatically transferred to your online casino account. This process, like #1, depends on your bank's response time.
  4. Credit Card: There is a lot of fear associated with credit card use online because one must provide personal, private information. But credit card use on the internet is safe if there is a good privacy policy provided, and the best online casinos have this. A privacy policy is a legally binding contract between the site and the player to not use the player's personal details for anything other than payment for the website. This contract also lists the steps that are taken to make sure that the player's information remains private. It is a very quick and simple process and makes online gambling very accessible.

One must be aware that in some countries with certain gambling laws and regulations (including the U.S.), credit card companies and banks have been blocked from allowing money transfers and payments to online gambling sites. Make sure to double check with your local and national law before making such payments, and make sure you are choosing payment methods that are approved by your government. Gambling is legal in the UK, and here is a list of some great United Kingdom Online Casinos.